I am Veronica, the owner of Brown Skin Plant Mama. Welcome to Brown Skin Plant Mama as space dedicated to the idea that "Plant Therapy is Real.

My mother is a master gardener and I grew up with a living room full of houseplants of all different types. There were so many plants you could barely see out of the front window! In addition to our indoor plant collection, we grew food in our outdoor garden. I would help my mother tend to our different fruits and vegetables at a young age, so I guess you could say that my ability to care for plants is an inherited gift that was passed down because, in addition to my mother, I come from a lineage of sharecroppers.Unfortunately as an adolescent teen, I lost interest in plant care and gardening, but found my way back to it later in adulthood, which I'm extremely grateful for. I truly believe that plants can be used as therapeutic properties for mental emotional and spiritual healing. I had acquired about 5 houseplants in March of 2017. My sister died unexpectedly in February of 2018. My entire word was flipped upside down. I avoided going to grief therapy for a year and finally embarked on the journey after putting it off for so long in March of 2019. Having successfully gone through a year and one month of traditional talk therapy, my therapist and I ended our relationship (it was amicable) and I was met with the responsibility of continuing the hard work I had done over the last year.

One week prior to the COVID-19, I visited my local nursery to grab some new plants hoping that they would uplift my spirit from the late winter blues.Little did I know that one trip would not only bring me back to my love for plants, but provide me with a healthy practice to continue my journey of self-love and healing after the intentional work I had done with my therapist. I had lost myself completely when my sister died. I was in a very dark place and didn't have the will to care for myself or anything else (other than my daughter). It was all a divine connection the way plants saved me. Had I not selected the therapist that I did (who had plants all over her office which piqued my interest in them again), I would not have seen and experienced the healing properties of plants and I most certainly would not have a platform that is geared towards helping others find and understand that plant therapy is real! All of this happened unexpectedly during the pandemic as my next necessary pivot. I am humbled to be the vessel to do such divinely inspired empowerment work.

Thanks you for your interest in my journey and for reading a glimpse into who I am as a creator and agent of positive influence and change. Take a look around, interact with me on my social media platforms and help me spread the message that "Plant Therapy is Real!"